Following a price increase to our customers this month, we thought we would put down some of the circumstances that have forced this course of action.

In all the years of farming we have never seen an area so large and so badly affected.

We do not have any irrigation water allocation this year, but still are required to pay for water we will not receive. We do not have any grass at all, we are buying in hay to feed the girls, which is costing $60,000 per month and grain at $2…0,000 per month, and whilst they are well, they are not producing as they would on grass.

We are VERY concerned about the dairy industry in Australia.

In 2000 there were 2800 farmers in Northern Victoria there is now 1119, in the Riverina there were 250 and now there are 89 farms. Farmers are leaving the industry in droves.

Temporary irrigation water which most farmers have come to rely on is selling for $500 for one megalitre, last season it was $150. Hay is $350-$400 per ton last season it was $150-$200 per ton. Grain is $450-$500 per ton last season it was $180-$250

Most farmers are losing approx. $1000 per cow per year, working12-15 hour days, 7 days per week and going backwards, and are faced with the decision to keep losing money or leave the industry.

Our concern is that unless we get some real help very soon, in the form of some subsidies to feed the cows then there will be no farmers left at all and the country will be importing powdered milk to drink and there will be no dairy industry in Australia.

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Jonesy’s Dairy Fresh is now distributing a wide range of products!

Jonesy’s Dairy Fresh is now distributing a wide range of products, in line with the aim to support local farmers.
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