Jonesys Milk Does not contain Permeate

Jonesy’s Dairy Fresh is all about providing a top quality product and a personalised efficient service to our customers, our milk undergoes minimal processing and we do not add anything to the milk or take anything out, so you are actually getting real milk. We may not have the big advertising budgets of the multinationals, but we have confidence that the quality of our products will speak for itself, we prefer to focus on supporting small business and farmers, giving you a good product and farmers a fair deal. We are 100% Australian and proud of it. So feel free to contact us, I guarantee you the only day you will get an answering machine is on the weekend, we have a great staff, who are passionate about giving you the best.

Home Deliveries

Jonesys will be offering home delivery in Bendigo from June 10th, One day per week to start with as a trial run, on a Friday.

Anyone wishing to receive milk, please call the office Monday to Friday and arrange with Nicole.

PH: 03 54531802

Payment types include Cash on delivery Direct Debit or Credit Card. Minimum order 6 Litres.


  • 2 Litre Full Cream $4
  • 2 Litre Low Fat $4.10
  • 1 Litre Full Cream $2.70
  • 1 Litre Low Fat $2.75

We also have home deliveries happening in some of the Eastern suburbs in Melbourne, if you are interested please check with us for more information.


Jonesys is a small Australian family owned operation that produces milk at farm level and distributes to end users both domestically and in China. We have four key facets to the business.

  • 5 dairy farms that supply the milk
  • Processing plant In Corryong Victoria
  • Distribution business with head office in Barham NSW and cold chain distribution in Melbourne
  • Export arm supplying fresh milk, long life , and Infant formula into China.

Jonesys was in fact the first company to sell fresh milk into China, our business is poised to expand significantly , and we are seeking sizeable investors to take it to the next phase. If you have a passion for Australian products and have a long term outlook on investment, we would love to talk to you, please make contact at

Jonesys is now supporting the The final Step

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