At Jonesys Dairy Fresh we want to make sure the farmer gets a fair price for his milk and consumers get a great tasting product at a good price.

That way, not only are you getting a great product, Australian dairy farmers are getting a fair go.

Wayne Somerville became increasingly frustrated with the poor price he and other dairy farmers were receiving for their milk. Instead of getting mad, he decided to get even, and late in 2009 started to process some of his own milk and sell it independently. Jonesys Dairy Fresh is the result.

Appealing to consumers on a number of fronts, the Jonesys Dairy Fresh range is fast gaining a foothold in the market. Consumers are responding to the commitment to quality at a competitive price with profits going back to dairy farmers. With the groundswell of support growing every day, Jonesys Dairy Fresh is empowering dairy farmers and consumers in a way that benefits both.