Who’s Jonesy?

Jonesy is an Aussie dairy farmer. A man of the land. An all round good bloke. And someone you can trust.

Jonesy is the human face of an industry becoming more corporatised by the day.

Jonesy is the brainchild and inspiration of Wayne Somerville, and was created to bring to life the fact that it is dairy farmers, not greedy multinationals, who produce the milk we buy, dairy farmers who care about their product and want to make a fair and decent living doing it.

Jonesy is the brand champion for a new and exciting range of dairy products being produced by dairy farmers themselves.

The name “Jonesy” is Waynes’ creation and originates from the slogan “keeping Up with the Joneses” as in the best of everything. It has become hugely successful.

Jonesy’s prides itself on being able to provide a good quality product to venues who are proud of what the sell and use, and our goal is to able to offer a better than best service, provided by staff who care about the people they are dealing with.

We hope you like it.